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This program, teaches the fundamentals of bartending including the following:

a. Bar Setup
b. Bar Equipment
c. Fundamentals of Liquor
d. Art of Mixology
e. Customer Service
f. Speed Pouring
g. Liquor Laws
h. Cash Register Management
i. Industry Update
j. ServSafe Alcohol Certification

** Space may be limited due to pandemic restrictions. Masks, proof of vaccination, and social distancing may also be required.

Degree, Certificate, or Credential Earned

Certificate of Completion

Students will gain a basic understanding of bartending and will earn a TIPS Alcohol Safety Certification.

Entrance Requirements / Prerequisites

TIPS Alcohol Safety Certification is required before attending bartending classes - this course will always be offered on day 1 of the Bartending Program.



Provided By

2. HARIETT (Oahu)

Training Location

Day 1:
HARIETT Training Office
1035 University Ave. Suite 202
Honolulu, HI 96826

Days 2 - 3:
Bartending Academy
1914 South King St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

Training Category


Program Dates

To Be Decided

Total Hours

6 hours

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