If you are a member of UNITE HERE! Local 5 and are currently employed or were laid-off (including partially) by one of the signatory employers that contribute to HARIETT, then all programs listed on this website may be provided to you at no cost. Financial assistance may also be available to cover the cost of necessary books, equipment, tools, licensing, etc.

To enroll in a HARIETT training program online:

Step 1
Create a free account.
Step 2
Once you have registered and are signed in, browse the list of training programs and select one you'd like to enroll in. At the top of the page, you will see a yellow box and a button that says, "Request Enrollment." Note that you must be signed in to request enrollment.
Step 3
Clicking on the "Request Enrollment" button (and confirming it on the following page) will send your request to a HARIETT staff member, who will review your request and follow up with you about enrollment.
That's it!

Prefer another method?

You may also apply for HARIETT programs in person, by phone, or by e-mail. Paper applications can be found at UNITE HERE! Local 5 offices, at the HARIETT office, or through your employer's Human Resources office. Employees are also encouraged to contact Mr. James P. Hardway, Executive Director, directly at (808) 672-2004, or by e-mail at jhardway@hariett.com, with any questions.