This employer has provided HARIETT members with in-depth descriptions about 10 of their positions. Understand that these are not active job openings, but simply offer information about the position's duties, requirements, wage scale, and more. Members can use this information to set career goals for themselves and develop a short- or long-term training plan to help reach those goals.





# Position Wage Scale Department Division
1 Bell Help $7.70 / Bell Captain $8.30 / Door Attendant $10.20 Uniform Services Hotel
2 Class IV Engineer- Maintenance Utility Maintenance
3 Front Office Working Supervisor $19.70 Clerical Hotel
4 Guest Services Agent $18.76 Clerical Hotel
5 Housekeeper I (Housekeeper I Rooms) $15.87 Housekeeping Hotel
6 Housekeeper II (Housekeeper I – GC; Housekeeper II) $16.52 Housekeeping Hotel
7 Inspectress (Inspectress, Room Control Clerk) $17.18 Housekeeping Hotel
8 Maintenance First Class $24.61 Maintenance Hotel
9 Maintenance First Class – A/C Specialist $24.61 Maintenance Hotel
10 Night Auditor $19.49 + (night differential .20¢) Clerical Hotel

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