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General Responsibilities

To ensure proper receipt and distribution of clean, pressed uniforms for employees to maintain a well groomed appearance in accordance with hotel's high standards of quality. Assures appropriate inventory and distribution of clean linens for guest rooms and food and beverage service to maintain the hotel's high standards of quality.

Specific Duties

• Maintains appropriate inventory levels to ensure continuous supply in each linen
room and the uniform room. Controls room linens and organizing them by size, color and department. Prepares dry cleaning and laundry lists. Maintain file on all uniforms sent out. Sends and receives dry cleaning and laundry for processing. Sorts, discards and accounts for outdated, tom, worn and faded linens following established procedures.

•Receives and issues clean linens, household items, all uniforms, F&B linens. Fills written orders requested by staff supervisor. Issues all uniforms and accessories on an exchange basis only, in order to maintain uniform control. Requires lifting up to 50 lbs., bending, stooping, and standing for extended periods of time. Requires pushing/pulling of carts up to 300 lbs.

•Re-racks all uniforms and linen. Stores old uniforms and linens until otherwise directed by staff supervisor. Requires extending arms overhead, bending, grasping and lifting bulky linens weighing up to 50 lbs. From carts to shelves, and operating computerized conveyor belt system.

•Inspects all items before delivery. Visually inspects received linen, uniforms and/or household items, unloads from cases, containers or racks, inventories, reconciles requisition with bill of lading and items received and stores in designated areas. Posts laundry charges to guest account using Micros computer system.

•Completes inventory sheets in English with current count of linens and the amount
required for resupply to maintain predetermined par/standard. Maintains inventory and control of all uniforms by size and department. Maintains uniform file on each

• Report all suspicious persons or activities and hazardous or unsafe conditions to the
Security Department.

• Provide instruction and/or guidance for guest and employee safety in fire or other emergency situations.

• Operate residential washer/dryer machine. Processes household items such as oshibori
and guest laundry when necessary.

• Operate residential washer/dryer machine. Processes household items such as oshibori
and guest laundry when necessary.

• Segregate tom, worn and faded linens following established guidelines and procedures.

• Answering of uniform/linen room telephones in clear and understandable basic English language. Listens to caller and documents requests, follows up on any problems, or discrepancies.

• Relieve other Laundry stations for meal breaks when requested.

• Assist with other Laundry or Housekeeping duties such as, but not limited to, fitting
uniforms for new employees, unboxing linen, or folding towels.

• Maintain a clean and neat work area by sweeping, mopping and dusting as necessary.

• Responds to customer questions. Provides customer assistance, directions, and
information as requested.

• Sews on buttons and makes minor repairs to uniforms.

• Make repairs to linens and bedspreads as requested.

• Performs a variety of other duties as assigned.

Specific Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

• Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

• Ability to organize the uniform inventory.

•Ability to perform simple mathematical functions to complete inventories and fill
daily orders.

•Ability to pay attention to details, work in a fast paced environment, handle multiple tasks, and have a high level of patience.

•Ability to read, speak, write and understand the English language sufficient to communicate with employees, staff an guests, understand information such as safety labels, and instuructions and to complete laundry/dry cleaning tags and lists.

•Ability to communicate pleasantly and effectively with co-workers and guests via
the telephone, two-way radio or in person.

•Ability to work varying shifts and maintain attendance in accordance with hotel's
attendance policy.

•Ability to comply with all hotel rules and regulations including policies regarding
safety and grooming standards.


• Previous Uniform room, laundry or seamstress experience preferred.

Licenses or Certification

• Certification of tuberculosis clearance required.

• CPR and Standard First Aid Certification preferred.

• Ability to complete HAZCOM/MSDS Training.

• Ability to complete Blood Borne Pathogen Training.

Physical Requirements

• Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

• Ability to move, pull or push goods on a cart weighing up to 300 lbs.

• Ability to reach and grasp and exterd arms, overhead, bend, stoop, and squat.

• Ability to stand for extended periods of time.

•Ability to move throughout the work area while performing the essential job functions

Safety Requirements

None provided


•Must maintain a neat, clean and well groomed appearance as outlined in the
employee handbook.

Other Qualifications

• High School Diploma or equivalency required.

The Kahala Resort


The Kahala Resort




None provided

Responsible To

Executive Housekeeper; Assistant Executive Housekeeper


None provided

Hourly Wage Scale


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