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General Responsibilities

Prepares and cooks standard menu items. Prepares sauces, soups, stocks, broth, stews, meats, fish, poultry. Cuts, trims and prepares meats, fish and fowl according to the The Kahala Hotel & Resort's high standards of quality. Assists in the supervision and/or training of other cooks.

Specific Duties

•Prepares, cooks and serves food according to the hotel's standard recipes. Prepares all the
prep work for soups, sauces, salads. Makes bread crumbs, grates cheese, chips shallots
and garlic, clarifies butter, peels onions, and chops parsley. Visually inspects, selects and
uses food items of the highest quality in the preparation of all menu items.

•Consistently tastes food items on the menu as well as prepare food to ensure the high
standards of quality are met.

•Inventories and orders/requisitions required produce and dry goods according to
anticipated needs.

•Stores all food in refrigerated boxes including covers, labels and dates, using the proper
containers to protect against waste and spoilage.

•Sets-up and replenishes buffets. Runs the omelette station in restaurant and banquet

•Ensures all equipment in working areas are clean and in proper working condition.
Performs general/routine cleaning tasks using standard hotel cleaning products as
assigned by the supervisor in adherence to health standards.

•Report all suspicious persons or activities and hazardous or unsafe conditions to the
Security Department.

•Provide instruction and/or guidance for guest and employee safety in fire or other
emergency situations.

•Respond to all guest questions. Provide guest assistance, direction and information as
requested when working in public areas.

• Keeps floors dry and clean to avoid slip/fall accidents.

• Performs a variety of other duties as assigned.

Specific Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

•Must have solid knowledge of the fundamentals of cooking and cooking techniques, including from scratch cooking and sauce making.

• Must have basic knowledge of accepted standards of sanitation.

•Must have knowledge of operating all kitchen equipment (i.e. stoves, ovens, broilers,
slicers, steamers, kettles, etc.)

•Basic mathematical skills necessary to understand recipes, measurements and portion sizes.

•Ability to read and write the English language in order to read recipes and communicate
with other employees.

•Must be able to work varying shifts and maintain attendance in accordance with the
hotel's attendance policy.

•Ability to comply with hotel rules and regulations including policies regarding safety and grooming standards.

•Ability to read and write the English language in order to read recipes and communicate
with other employees.


•Five(5) years of cooking experience required. Background must include basic training of
employees and simple coaching/supervising.

• Experience in a medium sized resort with multiple food and beverage outlets preferred.

Licenses or Certification

• Certification of tuberculosis clearance required.

• CPR and Standard First Aid Certification preferred.

• Kitchen Sanitation Certificate preferred.

Physical Requirements

• Ability to perform duties in confined spaces

•Ability to lift, bend, stoop, walk, push/pull heavy equipment and stand for extended
periods of time.

•Sufficient manual dexterity of hand in order to use all kitchen equipment (i.e. knives,
spoons, spatulas, tong, slicers, etc.)

• Ability to perform duties within extreme temperature ranges

Safety Requirements

None provided


None provided

Other Qualifications

High School/General Education Diploma and culinary degree preferred.

The Kahala Resort


The Kahala Resort




None provided

Responsible To

Executive Chef; Executive Sous Chef; Working Sous Chef


None provided

Hourly Wage Scale

None provided

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