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General Responsibilities

Installs, inspects, repairs, services and maintains various refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems. Also tests and repairs various refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment systems. Also tests and repairs various refrigeration and air-conditioning electrical components.

Specific Duties

None provided

Specific Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Must be comfortable with using a computer as ordering and work order systems are computerized. Must be proficient with MS Word and Excel programs. Must be able to read operating, instructional, technical and repair manuals as well as understand OSHA safety procedures.


Must have at least 5 years experience using the following tools; portable power tools, recovery units, A/C & Refrigeration equipment, various hand tools, non-portable power tools, chillers, compressors, miscellaneous pumps & motors. For supervisory positions must have at least 6 months supervisory, scheduling and ordering of supplies experience.

Licenses or Certification

A/C & Refrigeration certificate required from approved technical institute. Previous experience in this trade is required. Universal Refrigerant Certification and Completion of accredited apprenticeship program, Certificate from approved technical institute or completion of HARIETT General Maintenance program plus 2 years on the job trade specific trade experience.

Physical Requirements

Lifting - 50lbs. Moving equipment and tools from one level to another, upward pulling included. Pushing - 200lbs. Exerting force to move an object away from the force; includes slapping, striking and use of foot controls, using hand tools like drills and screw drivers. Pushing carts and room a/c units. Pulling - 200lbs. Exerting force to move an object towards the force; includes jerking. Pulling carts, room a/c units, screw driver, drills, wrenches, pliers and tubing tools.

Safety Requirements

None provided


None provided

Other Qualifications

None provided

The Royal Hawaiian Resort


The Royal Hawaiian Resort




None provided

Responsible To

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None provided

Hourly Wage Scale


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